Mexico and Public Bikeshares

Just got back from CDMX this week, had a blast with my bro-migo, Tony! We visited several neighborhoods, including Condesa, Roma, and Midtown, using Vezba’s public bikeshare. Vezba wasn’t our first option, but it was the one that worked. More detail below.

Mexico City has three public bikeshares. Despite what current blogs are telling you, Ecobici is not an option for those of you rocking a U.S. credit card and Ecobici’s app – when you attempt to set up an account it errors out – boo hiss!

There was also a public bikeshare sponsored by HSBC, which consisted of black bikes that were parked in docks. We didn’t see this public bikeshare until we arrived there, so I don’t know how to join it. Sorry, I wished I had taken a picture of their dock and instructions when I went by.

The only public bikeshare we exercised was Dezba. Their app has issues on iOS with different issues on Android, but overall it works for U.S. citizens holding a U.S. credit card. I was using their iOS app and when quitting a ride through the app it would seem to hang. To end your Dezba ride, just lock the back wheel (with the bike’s built in lock) and it will automatically end your ride. Force-quit Dezba’s iPhone app and re-open and you will find that this works to end your ride.

Notes, the bike share area isn’t very large. If you’re considering riding southeast to Cablebús Linea 2 or north to Cablebús Linea 1 you’ll have to stop and park your Vezba, otherwise you’ll pay a fee to park outside the zone. Another option if you insist on biking all the way, bring your own lock just pay the overage fees, the overage fees are much less than ending a ride outside the zone.

Ok, that’s all for now. I’ll try to post more comments and picks later.

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