Airport Pedestrian Adventures

For whatever odd reason, I like to unwind from a trip and, if accessible, walk to an airport terminal. I’ve now done this in Las Vegas, Minneapolis-St Paul, and San Diego.

Today I tried building to the list by walking/biking from JFK to La Guardia. From Terminal 8, I didn’t find a good way to walk straight out into Jamaica. For $8.25, I caught the AirTrain outside Terminal 8 and rode it to the Jamaica stop, which is where you must pay to exit. From there I began walking north, figuring I’d grab a Citi bike from their area north of JFK. After over an hour of walking I found a Citi bike and rode 25 minutes to a Dunkin’ Donuts for a late breakfast. From there I walked into La Guardia by walking up 82nd St to Marine Terminal Rd only to find a sign preventing pedestrian access to Terminals B and C. I decided to hop on the free shuttle bus to reach my destination, Terminal B. I understand if I had entered LGA from 94th, I could’ve walked all the way in, next time! JFK on the other hand is a bit disappointing, surely there’s a way to do it sans AirTrain?

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