Nest Account and Data Archive

Our house has rocked a Nest Learning Thermostat 1.0 since January 12, 2013 and it has worked wonderfully. I never switched the thermostat from its Nest account to a Google account. Nest’s Google account users have had Google Takeout as an option to download historical thermostat data, but what about Nest account users?

Fortunately, Nest account users can also download historical thermostat data, outside of Takeout, at this link:

After authenticating with your Nest account credentials at the above link, you’ll have the option of creating an archive of data from your Nest Learning Thermostat. I kicked mine off at 7:25 pm CST, I’ll try to update this when after the archive is available for downloading and viewing (I expect it will be a few hours). Based on the initial feedback from Google/Nest, the archive will remain available for 7 days from the time it is created.

Worth noting, I seem to have completed these steps back in 2021, an archive I still have which pulled data from late 2019, 2020, and through November 7, 2021 – I’m curious if this next archive goes as far back as 11/7/2021. I know the suspense is killing you too.

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