Fans running continuously on MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo

So, a mere 5 days after running my new MacBook Pro, I got to work today and booted the computer from a shutdown state. I was greeted with fans running continuously, at full speed. I thought it was strange, so I restarted while resetting the PRAM. No effect. Next, I reset the Power Manager using these instructions:

1. Shutdown MacBook Pro.
2. Remove power and battery.
3. Hold power button for 5 seconds.
4. Insert battery and power and turn MacBook Pro back on.

Everything is peachy again, but a little concerning…

Also, before the fans ran continuously, my trackpad was exhibiting strange behavior. There was a one second or more delay when I attempted to use the trackpad after using the keyboard. By fixing the Power Manager, it appears the trackpad issue has gone away as well.

Possibly related side note… I did bike to work today with my MacBook strapped to my back. I had it in a backpack inside 2 jackets that covered my upper body. The temp outside was 35 degrees. After arriving at work, the MacBook felt like room temperature, so I don’t think I exposed it to any severe conditions.

Stay tuned…

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