Yahoo Mail Beta and MacFreePops login problem

Here’s what I did to get my Yahoo Mail importing into with the latest Yahoo.lua 0.1.9d for FreePOPS (or MacFreePOPS).

I opened yahoo.lua and changed line 252 from:

strRegExpWebSrvUrl = “webserviceURL: ‘([^’]+)'”,


strRegExpWebSrvUrl = “webservice: ‘([^’]+)'”,

Then I downloaded Firefox, switched on the Yahoo Mail Beta, and then turned it back off.

Next, I quit my mail client and quit FreePops (in my case, MacFreePOPS).

Finally, I launched MacFreePops and then fired up my mail client, again. Everything started downloading like the old days!!!

One thought on “Yahoo Mail Beta and MacFreePops login problem

  1. This comment still works. I tried for about 3 hours! to get MacFreePOPs to work for (Mac) and Yahoo mail, and kept having my password rejected (connection failed). I went into my yahoo webmail using firefox, turned on the “new yahoo (beta)” and then logged out. Right after that, MacFreePOPs worked. From the detailed logs, it appears that the current yahoo.lua file only works with the “new” yahoo, but if you have been using safari, you probably do not have the “new” yahoo enabled.

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