Cutedge and PHP upgrade

I’m running Cutedge Systems’ brilliant WebMon, Letsencrypt, and OpenVPN Enabler to turn my Mac mini back into a macOS Server-like machine – thanks, Bernard Teo and Bee Khim! My Apple mini is still on Monterey, I’m not quite ready to upgrade it to Sonoma with OpenCore Legacy Patcher, and I want to eke some more life out of it as-is; however, Cutedgesystems’ latest Letsencrypt for Monterey, version 3.0.4, is bundled with PHP 8.0.12 and WordPress/apache no longer fully works with this PHP version. In attempt to get Letsencrypt’s bundled PHP up to the latest 8.3.3, here’s what I asked brew to do:

1. Open
2. Execute the following command:

/opt/homebrew-cutedge/bin/brew upgrade php

The upgrade ran for over an hour on the aging mini, but eventually it completed and updated the apache webserver to now use 8.3.3. Apache and WordPress seem to be running fine so far and a previous error message I was seeing “the server unexpectedly dropped the connection” is now gone. YES!

Extra notes… Prior to running the upgrade PHP 8.0.12 was installed in these locations:


After executing the above command the 8.0.12 directory was replaced with this one:


And, curious, an 8.3 directory now sits beside the 8.0 directory:


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