Lucent Wavelan Silver/AirPort Card Update

I installed the former Wavelan Silver PC Card guts in my friend’s mom’s iMac G3 last Thursday evening. The card isn’t fully seated, but it appears to be functioning correctly! For people concerned about getting the card fully seated, it would be best to clip off one of the plastic AirPort card holder’s that is attached to the board (its whitish-transparent plastic that is only useful if you want to give the true AirPort card more support). Still, without clipping this plastic support, the card seats 90% of the way.

AirPort Card for $30. Done.

If I ever stop back over there, I’ll snap some pictures and post back.

2 thoughts on “Lucent Wavelan Silver/AirPort Card Update

  1. I installed a Lucent Silver Sard as a substitute in my powermac G4 and it is functioning correctly as an Airport Card. Great!
    But, alas, it’s about an inch to long and now the door won’t close. Any ideas?

  2. Hmmmm… There’s not much you can do about that. There’s no good way to reduce the length of the card… Now that prices in AirPort cards are dropping, maybe consider going back to an AirPort card?

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