Rohloff, Pugsley, and Shift Cable Replacement

I was replacing some housing on my Pugsley and noticed a few things that might be helpful next time.

First, the darn shifter pulley inside the external gear mech is a pain to get old cables out of. My shift cables refused to let the socket set screw to back out. Sadly, I had to drill all the way through the socket set screws with a 7/64-inch solid carbide standard length drill bit with a 118-degree point and then I reamed the shifter pulley’s threads out with a 4mm-70 tap. This works well, see pics below, just be patient so you don’t bungle the threads and drill straight already! I also found it helpful to drill out the old cable from the shifter pulley using a 1/16-inch drill bit (carbide not necessary for this one); however, this size bit will enlarge the holes for the shift cable – I didn’t see any issues with it for the final setup.

My Pugsley’s Rohloff kit has the old-school Rohloff shifters, so I followed the first 5:45 minutes of this video to remove the old cables and insert new cables. I did have to install one new cable housing, which measured 5 feet 11 inches for my XL Pugsley. For making connections to the external gear mech, I skipped 55 seconds into Rohloff’s video and continued along.

My Pugsley is back in business, though I still think shifting is stiffer than it should be. I may try fussing with the external gear mech’s angle to see if that reduces the stiff shifting.

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