2001 New Beetle and M-Link V-1 B Repair

Years ago my dad installed an M-Link V-1 B in my mom’s 2001 New Beetle. Oddly, the V-1 B isn’t even recommended for this model of vehicle, but I’ll let that go for now. The information I’m passing on today is a fix for when your iPod connector breaks from the M-Link cable.

The M-Link’s iPod connector end is easy to take apart and once inside I found this:

I couldn’t tell which wire went where; however, M-Link provided these photos that helped me fix my adapter:

After M-Link sent pictures, I used this site to draft up a wire and pin number table for those who care. I’ll format this table later, but wanted to post it now to help folks sooner:

Wire color       Pin number	Apple Pin	Function
black 29,30 1,2 FireWire Ground, –
red 21 10 Accessory indicator/serial enable
white 4 27 Audio output, left channel, +
orange 3 28 Audio output, right channel, +
yellow 19,20 11,12 +12 volt, FireWire Power
green 13 18 iPod receiving line, serial RxD
blue 2 29,30 Audio ground, –
brown 12 19 iPod sending line, serial TxD

* Numbers printed on M-Link V-1 B PCB refer to Apple Pins

Also, I was able to resolver the broken cable and my M-Link V-1 B is working again.

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