Surly Gen 1 ICT and Tubeless

My daughter loves her Ice Cream Truck, but tires no longer rides. Her brother rode it for a year and a half before growing out of it and rode it with tubes, but I knew tubeless was an option. When I switched to tubeless on Big Dummy 2.0 and rode back from Forest Lake after a terrible sidewall slash sealed by sealant, I knew it was time to try it on her ICT.

Back in 2012, the ICT came stock with Rolling Darryl rims and Nate tires. While both are officially clinchers, many have tried and succeeded going tubeless. I wanted to put my own spin on it, using off-brand tape and homemade sealant.

For the tape, I bought 2-inch wide by 36 yards of kapten tape, which is a kapton knock off and maybe what Fratelli tape is. From sealant advice of others , I used one part Mold Builder mixed with 3 parts water. While that worked just fine for me, I plan to swap the water for blue windshield washer fluid next time.

For each successful tubeless build, I removed a tube (11.4 ounces) and added kapten tape (1.3 ounces), a presta valve (0.1 ounces), and sealant (2 ounces) for a savings of 8 ounces per tire.

My first attempt with the front wheel failed miserably. I only used two passes of kapten tape and sealant leaked through the tape seams and bubbled out spoke holes in the rim.

My second attempt with the front wheel is still holding up. Once again, I left the Surly PVC rim tape (60mm) on the rim and covered it with a tight layer of kapten tape down the middle and then a wrap on each side; 3 passes of tape around the rim tape, each pass starting before and ending after the weld joint. I poked a hole with a round file and cleaned the hole out. I then blew the tire up with a tube to 30 psi and let it sit a couple hours to fully seat the tire. After that I loosened the bead on one side of the tire, gently removed the tube, inserted the tubeless presta valve, rotated the tire label to the valve, and filled with 2 ounces of sealant. I then placed the loose portion of the tire back in the rim and laid the loose side facing the ground while sitting on top of a 5 gallon pail. Gravity was my friend for inflating the tire with the air compressor.?

Both tires inflated without a hitch. The front tire seems to have a slow leak between the rim and tire bead that I’ve been able to fix most of, but can’t quite find the last part. I fix it by inflating the tire and pushing on the sidewall of the tire until sealant hisses out. I may need to dunk the tire in a tub to figure out where the last couple leaks are, but it holds pressure for about 6 hours before going flat. The rear tire has been holding pressure throughout the night.

I’m pumped with the kapten tape and cheap sealant approach and inspired to next toss it in my son’s Krampus with 27tpi Knards. I perused this guy’s approach and will probably combine it with mine. More later.

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