iPhone 7 Screen Replacements

Liam’s black iPhone 7 has suffered a broken screen a couple times this year, so we’ve had the pleasure of trying a few different replacement screens that we installed ourselves. For his first replacement, we tried this one sold by Miardo:


The initial shipment of this screen was so bad we sent it back to Amazon and requested a replacement – the screen was ridiculously, as Liam says, “laggy” in response to any touches. The replacement to the replacement improved on the lag in touches and being an improvement over the first shipment, Liam decided to keep it. It lasted 6 months before he got flipped by a buddy and the phone shot from his pocket on to sidewalk, requiring us to look for another screen replacement.

For the next screen replacement, we decided to shake things up and try a different listing on Amazon. This time we tried bought from the seller Koofix and picked up this model:


Good news is, the tap responsive is wonderful and Liam loves it! He says the touch responsiveness is back to feeling like an OEM screen, so I’d consider this a win.

And hopefully this one also lasts longer than the last one.

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