Winshortcutter and Catalina

After starting with a clean install of Catalina, I also installed WinShortcutter and found that it no longer properly showed itself properly in System Preferences with the prefpane not fully expanding downward to show all of WinShortcutter’s advanced settings. I also noticed that Tech-Arrow seems to be continuing development of WinShortcutter, but I wanted to continue using Lobotomo’s free version, so that’s why I wrote this.

The issue above might have something to do with Dark Mode in Catalina, as I noticed that even after following the steps below, WinShortcutter’s prefpane doesn’t do Dark Mode like the rest of System Preferences prefpanes. This fix won’t correct that and you should maybe consider Tech-Arrows product if you need that feature.

For this fix, it helps if you have a backed copy of your old system preferences. Lobotomo’s archived forums indicate WinShortcutter’s settings are saved here:


I had the fortune of grabbing a copy of the above .plist from my last back up. If you don’t have a copy, feel free to use mine. I then replaced the existing .plist with the copy from my back up. When I re-entered System Preferences, it failed to import my old WinShortcutter settings, but now the window fully expands to show the advanced settings, woohoo!

I was then able to finish configuring WinShortcutter again, which included getting the Services menu to let me copy Windows files paths for outgoing emails. Tech-Arrow’s user manual led me to configuring Services properly by going to System Preferences->Keyboard->Shortcuts and putting a check next to “Open as Windows Link” and “Copy Path to Clipboard”.

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