macbookpro5,1 sleep and DOSDude1’s Catalina

We tossed DOSDude1’s patched Catalina on a macbookpro5,1 for a friend and noticed that the MacBook Pro wouldn’t wake from sleep and the sleep indicator on the front of the Mac illuminated, but did not pulse when the screen was closed.

This Mac is a 2008 machine, but it has been upgraded with a Kingston 240GB SUV400S37/240G. After the machine failed to wake from sleep and we restarted it, we found a crash log with a Sleep Wake Failure event.

Turns out the fix is easy. Go to System Preferences->Energy Saver and uncheck “Put hard disks to sleep when possible” for “Battery” and “Power Adapter”. Now the Mac goes to sleep and wakes up just as it should.

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