Oster Trimmer Guide Attachments

I’ve got an older, now discontinued, Oster Professional 103582-0100 animal trimmer. The trimmer has worked well for us over the years; however, several of the black plastic guide combs have broken. After contacting Oster’s support team, they recommended that I use part number 76926-580. It appears Amazon lists the replacement guide combs under part number 76926580, UPC 034264451667, ASIN B007K6SRM0, model 76926-580-000, and SKU OST76926580G.

I ordered the replacement blades from a vendor on eBay. From what I gather from online posts, the 103582-0100 trimmer body is compatible with guide combs for many reportedly similar models, potentially including:

Oster the Vibe clipper
Oster Cool Vibes clipper
Deep Vibes clipper
Fast Feed
Speed Line
Magnetic Clipper
Animal Clipper Model 182 Series
International Model 189-82B EPO5E Clipper

Surely these replacements can’t fit all of these, but I’ll update if the community or my sources provide additional info.


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