Outlook Quick Steps and Public Folders

A bit of an M$-centric post, but this issue has bugged me on a few occasions: if you use Outlook’s Quick Steps to archive messages in your inbox to a Public Folder continue reading. In the past when I have attempted to create a new Quick Steps button that links to a Public Folder location, I have found the Public Folder I’m interested in unavailable for selection. To make the Public Folder of interest available to make a new Quick Steps button, we have to coax Outlook by adding the Public Folder to the recently used folder list. The steps below help us to make the Quick Steps button; steps 1 and 2 involve archiving a message which helps to add the Public Folder to the recently used folder list and steps 3 through 5 help create the new Quick Steps button:

  1. In Outlook, move to the Home->Move pane, click the “Move” button, and choose “Other Folder…”
  2. Navigate to the Public Folder where you would like to archive a message, select the folder, and choose “OK”.
  3. In Outlook, move to the Home->Quick Steps pane, click the down arrow on the right hand side of the pane, select “New Quick Step”, and then select “Move to Folder”.
  4. Replace the text “Move to Folder” with the name of your Public Folder.
  5. Next to the “Move to folder” checkbox, click the “Choose folder” contextual menu and choose your Public Folder from the list of recently used folders.

That’s all! I feel like M$ could eliminate this issue by allowing us to select a Public Folder that is not part of our recent folders list, but I’m more of an Apple user.

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