Lumma Light Grip Repair

I love my Lumma light grips. Each light/laser packs a 750 mAh battery, which work wonderfully all winter. I’ve had my Big Dummy fall sideways and smash the the Lumma light grip into concrete and except for a few scratches, they seem unfazed.

The buttons have been a little finicky, but they work. Also, the USB port cover has broken off a couple of my grips. This isn’t so bad, but it allows rain to go right inside the grips and soak the PCB. Sadly, I let this happen to a couple of my grips. After this happens, I attempted to turn the lights on and they don’t seem to want to illuminate, or they might after the first soaking and from that point forward, they only sporadically light up.

This weekend, I pulled out my two bad light grips that are exhibiting the behavior described above. Accessing the PCB is really easy, two Phillips machine screws come out and the grip housing separates. After you unplug the battery from the PCB, the board slides right out – be careful to not let the laser lens and LED gaskets to get away.

Using my 50X magnifier (thanks Frank!), I looked at the pin connections for the button and where they attach to the board. Sadly, I don’t have pictures showing a closeup of the damage, but I found that solder points between the pads and the S2 button had cracked and separated. No problem, just a little heat from my solder gun and silver solder and I’m back in business! I fixed two light grips and a third is exhibiting different behavior that I haven’t figured out how to fix yet (the third one stays illuminated and only extinguishes the red LED when either of the buttons is pressed – yeah, pretty messed up). Still, I’m tickled silly to have two other grips back in service!

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