Steps to Reduce Comcast Rates or Change Plans

We have Comcast for internet-only service. Earlier this year, we successfully removed all TV plans and charges by exchanging messages with a Comcast representative in the support area of their website:
– strike up a conversation with a Comcast Employee by sending a private message as described in the link above and state that you’d like to drop tv service and go with internet-only
– the Comcast Employee you connect with will walk you through options you request and help activate your new plan

Or, you may be able to do the same by logging into your account through Comcast’s website to directly manage your plan – you can opt out of television and phone plans and choose an internet-only plan:
– sign in to your account
– click above link again if you weren’t already signed in
– click “View all offers”
– click “Filter”, uncheck “tv”, and check “internet”, click “Done”
– choose the internet bandwidth best for you

If you add a term to your agreement, you generally get better rates for the term duration, after which rates go back up and you may need to repeat the instructions above to improve your rates again. Good luck to you.

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