Aruba VPN

If you are running Aruba VIA 3.1.3 (vpn), you might notice in that a previous version of Aruba is busy throwing out error messages:

Apr 18 13:59:24 BCS-MBP-2[1] (com.arubanetworks.vpnservice[1428]): Service could not initialize: Unable to set current working directory. error = 2: No such file or directory, path = /Applications/Virtual Intranet 17G5019: xpcproxy + 10940 [1405][1FC7BF6A-6296-382C-913A-4FF8915953DC]: 0x2
Apr 18 13:59:24 BCS-MBP-2[1] (com.arubanetworks.vpnservice): Service only ran for 0 seconds. Pushing respawn out by 10 seconds.

This may be a previous version of Aruba VIA that I did not completely remove from my Mac. I had good luck leaving the current version installed and just deleting the remaining portion of the old version by running the old version’s uninstaller, saved here:

“/Users/(your username)/Library/Application\ Support/Virtual\ Intranet\ Access/”

Running this file seemed to delete files from the old version residing in Application Support and other places, but it doesn’t seem to delete anything relevant to the current (3.1.3) version of Aruba VIA installed in my Applications folder.

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