Disable DRM Protection

I wanted to see if I could stream Xfinity Stream from an iOS device to an AppleTV. It doesn’t appear to be possible from a non-jailbroken device, but I had an old iPad 4 hanging around and it seemed to be up to the task with the h3lix jailbreak.

After reading about an AirPlay enabler that should bypass this restriction, I moved to the jailbroken iPad 4, launched Cydia, clicked “Sources” at the bottom of the screen, and then added the repository by tapping Edit and then Add and typing in “http://iostonykraft.github.io” (yeah, I did http instead of https, tsk-tsk).

Back in the Sources, I tapped the newly added “Tony’s Repo“. Then I tapped Tweaks -> AirPlay Enabler for Xfinity Stream. Tony Kraft’s 1.1 enabler is suppose to support Xfinity Stream 4.0.2, but my devices all have and unfortunately they don’t appear to be compatible. Will report back if Tony Kraft updates his enabler, which he tracks here.

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