Removing Platforms and Accessories from Homebridge

I added a few LIFX devices to Homebridge to make them available through Apple’s Home app. After LIFX added native HomeKit support to their lights, I decided that keeping the homebridge-lifx-lan plugin on Homebridge was unnecessary. I first quit Homebridge by pressing Ctrl-C and then used the following command to remove the plugin:

sudo npm uninstall -g homebridge-lifx-lan

Soon after I launched homebridge on my Mac mini and then the Home app on my iOS device to find that the LIFX accessories were still stuck under Homebridge. I also tried deleting the LIFX platform from the config.json file, but it was no help.

To fix this, I restored the config.json file and reinstalled the plugin:

sudo npm install -g homebridge-lifx-lan

Then I installed the Hesperus app on my iOS device and followed these instructions:

Success! After this, I quit Homebridge, removed the platform code from the config.json file, and removed the plugin using this command:

sudo npm uninstall -g homebridge-lifx-lan

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