American Gardener CS18 Battery Replacement

My bride takes care of our lovely garden and lawn. One of her favorite trimming tools is the American Gardener CS18. We’ve gone through a couple rechargeable batteries now and this thing keeps running. For others trying to replace or upgrade to a more potent battery pack, I’ve used a couple of these:

The Venom  Power 3000 mAH NiMH flat battery pack has more capacity than the inferior 1800 mAH Ni-Cd (p/n 700228) battery pack the tool came with. Yes, the new battery will take longer to charge, but does this really matter to most yard warriors? Plug it in and charge it overnight. You can initiate an online claim for Venom Power’s lifetime warranty; the first year Venom Power offers complete replacement and years two and greater they will give you 30% off a new battery. I’ve exercised the latter option once – the first Venom Power battery pack lasted 3 years before it suddenly failed on us…

There are 4 Phillips screws to get into the tool, all located on the side. Once inside, take a picture in case the spring flies out later, which it will. The wiring connectors the Venom Power comes with are different than your existing battery. If you’re handy with a soldering gun, I recommend breaking apart the wiring harness the tool came with to reuse the metal slip on jacks inside (or don’t be a cheap bastard like me and pick up new jacks at the hardware store). Here’s a pic inside the tool, in case it helps anyone:

View of CS18 innards when replacing battery back.

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