DiamondBack’s Axis and Overdrive Pedals

I happily used DiamondBack Axis MTB SPD pedals (344 grams) for almost a year, until the bearings escaped from the drive side pedal (heh, Amazon says they weigh 352 grams with all the bearings present). After contacting DiamondBack’s excellent support staff, they offered a set of replacement pedals, which I received less than a week later.

While I was waiting for the new pedals to arrive, I tossed on a very old and used set of Shimano PD-M520 pedals, which weigh in at 375 grams. When the new pedals arrived, DiamondBack surprised me with their Overdrive MTB pedals, which are also SPD, but sport sealed cartridge bearings and weigh in at a feather-light 295 grams. I quickly installed the Overdrives this evening and based on the brief post-installation test ride, they spin smooth. Will report more later, but I would say the Axis pedals were fine until I had logged about 5,000 miles on them. The Axis pedals also weren’t as smooth to click in and out of as my PD-M520’s, so I’m curious to see how the Overdrive’s compare.

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